neděle 2. listopadu 2014

1. a 2. listopadu jsme strávili prací na buďánkách!
byl to krásný slunný víkend! děkujeme za pomoc!

1st and 2nd November we passed working on budanka!
it was amazing and sunny weekend! thanks everyone for help!

pátek 24. října 2014

pátek 23. května 2014

s o m e   o t h e r   a c t i v i t i e s   
a f t e r   r o u n d t a b l e . . .   

visit of the Muller Villa

The Villa Müller is an architectural structure designed in 1930 by architect Adolf Loos, born in Brno, Austria-Hungary (later Czechoslovakia). The villa is located in Prague, Czech Republic. The house was designed originally for Mr. František Müller and his wife, Milada Müllerová.

walk through the Jelení příkop Tunnel . designed by Josef Pleskot

Pathway through the Deer Moat, Prague Castle
(connection of the Upper and Lower parts of the Deer Moat by a tunnel)

visit to Orangery, designed by Eva Jiřičná

National Technical Library . designed by Projektil Architekti

The NTL (formerly the state technical library) is a publicly accessible scientific and technical library.
Its unique collection is the largest czech collection of domestic and foreign documents from the technical field and the applied natural and social sciences related to it.
It contains over 1.2 million volumes made up of books, magazines, newspapers, scientific works, information about firms, electronic documents and other publications and texts.

m a y b e ...

visit to the DOX...

The DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Architecture and Design is now in its sixth year of successful activity. The project originated as a private initiative, founded on the conviction that Prague belongs on the map of contemporary art and lacked such an alternative centre. Over the course of the five years of its existence, DOX has presented more than a hundred exhibition projects and over four hundred accompanying programmes and nearly four hundred educational and family programmes. Today it ranks amongst the most progressive artistic institutions in the Czech Republic, and enjoys wide popularity amongst the public.